Some frequently asked questions

No. These disciplines are useful but not essential. With a simple training in buying and selling businesses, supply and demand concepts and basic arithmetic fundamentals such as addition, subtraction and percentages, it is more than enough.

No. Subscriber courses will be available for life. There will only be changes for updates or improvements, without additional costs.

The courses are on the tradervivo website, therefore you can use any device (laptop, PC, tablet or cell phone) with a fast internet connection.

The platform is very friendly and visual, so it is very easy to learn how to operate it and interpret its results..

During its launch in 2021 it will be free. From 2022 it will be online and a minimum monthly subscription paid annually must be paid.

In the Options Trading course – Ideas to win, it is discussed in depth what is the optimal capital for a retail trader and the risk guidelines to keep your initial capital as safe as possible..

Courses and Apps are temporarily available in Spanish.

If you are an American citizen, you must pay taxes in the USA. If you are not a US citizen and you live outside the United States, you DO NOT pay taxes (you must only pay taxes in your country of residence, according to the regulations of each country).

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